SEG Automotive Product Portfolio Overview
What we do

What we produce.

Globally and locally we are a technology leader for starter motors and alternators as well as for components for electrification.

Behind that are over 100 years of experience in the field of rotating machines. In fact, SEG Automotive powers over 300 million vehicles on the road today – and we have produced over 100 million powertrain components in Hungary. From 12V through 48V to high voltage e-machines, we are a reliable global partner for the automotive industry – being able to quickly industrialize new solutions in any world region.

Currently the focus of our production in Hungary is on starter motors & alternators – while in our development centre we have already started making a significant contribution to driving forward our company's journey into electrification.

Starter motors

Millions of starter motors leave our lines every year to reliably start the engine of your personal car and many different types of commercial vehicles. This includes start-stop starters, which we actually invented and developed right here in Hungary. Our starters are renowned for functional flexibility and high durability, even in the toughest circumstances


Our alternators reliably supply the many electric consumers and safety features in modern cars with energy – including your lights, ESP, and air conditioning. With their outstanding efficiency, they greatly contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Development Center.

We engineer and manufacture products for the world’s leading automotive brands and the aftermarket.

Ever since we first started operations in Miskolc in 2003, we have had our own development center in Miskolc. It has since grown tremendously to 150 colleagues and our local R&D activities broaden continuously: We do not only co-develop traditional products (starter motors and alternators), but are also contributing to the solutions for the sustainable future of mobility. This includes e-machines for 48V hybridization, light electric mobility and high voltage electrification.

The activities include all areas – from testing and application development for specific customer demands to full product development.

In our laboratories, we are able to carry out various tests and validations on the spot, e.g. climatic, corrosion, vibration, or lifetime tests, to ensure our customers’ requirements and our own strict quality standards are met.

This gives us the possibility to speed up the development process, to continously deepen our knowledge, and ensure a successful transition to series production – led by our local project leader team.

All these contributions make us proud – and the motor of the mobility of today and tomorrow.

SEG Automotive Development Center woman working on computer colleague watching