S.E.G.A. Hungary and SEG Automotive.

Our global company SEG Automotive is present in 14 countries with around 6,000 employees. The Hungarian location is the biggest production plant of SEG Automotive in Europe and includes its own development centre with over 150 colleagues.

Our plant is located in North-Eastern Hungary in the Szirmabesenyő industrial park bordering the city of Miskolc. The location can easily be reached both by car and public transport, but we also offer free bus transfer for our employees from several settlements in the region.

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Miskolc: Uniquely attractive for foreign employees.

Why Miskolc?

Well, at first, you will be able to learn our beautiful Hungarian language, that is not spoken anywhere else in the world, so you can become a part of a unique nation – assuming you ever master the pronounciation!

You will also learn a lot about flexibility and creativity.

But not only are our characters special, our location is, too. Miskolc and Szirmabesenyő are surrounded by picturesque hills, so going on excursions is a beloved activity. Various festivals, wine-tastings, social events, concerts etc. are organized in the region, like the Cinefest or the Borangolás. It is also a very family-friendly region with good schools and infrastructure, but far from the hectic life of the biggest cities.

Miskolc has developed itself from a former ‘steel city’ into a place of innovation, attractive not only for tourists but also for employees in the automotive industry. Nearby, we have beautiful rivers and lakes like Tisza, as well as romantic cities like Eger and Tokaj. The lake Balaton is only 3 hours away, as well.

Looking for an inside perspective? Then read this story of one of our colleagues who moved to Miskolc from the United Kingdom: